Best Company emerged from a passion project of its founders.

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Many Glassdoor reviewers say they enjoy the employee discount they receive, but that they tend to feel underpaid. Others take issue with a perceived disconnect between retail employees and senior management. Best Company emerged from a passion project of its founders. In 2011, the founders heard a number of companies complain that various review sites kept strong-arming them into paying higher fees to achieve a certain score on their sites. Many of those review sites also allowed paying companies to manipulate or suppress their negative customer reviews. OK, so you’re not looking up product reviews or restaurant recommendations, but the same logic can be applied here.

  • While you can encourage reviews, do not incentivize users to give them.
  • We’re on a mission to empower consumers to make the best decisions and connect confidently with companies that deserve their business.
  • There’s a dizzying amount of information on the internet, which can make it hard to distinguish which sites to trust.
  • CR testified before Congress about cable TV fees, following years of advocacy and research.
  • Rather, a disproportionate share of workers submitting reviews on Glassdoor think of their company as mediocre.

Ahrefs defines this as “the strength of a website’s backlink profile compared to the others in ahrefs database, with rank #1 being the strongest.” Here’s an example of the Indeed’s ahrefs rank. It’s important to know where job seekers doing their research so you can manage your employer brand and reputation.

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Even more, in that case it is a great bill board to show that you only have satisfied customers. That is how we get good and strong companies with a right to exist. With that in mind, here are 10 top B2B dotbig forex broker review sites to pursue, depending on your product type. Pursue reviews across multiple sites and manage them from the Localworks platform. Manta works best for small businesses targeting local consumers.

US company reviews

It turns out that 30% of consumers reverse negative reviews on online review sites when the company responds, according to a survey by ZenBusiness. Yet, only 12% of consumers say their reviews are often or always responded to.

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Customer reviews are not professional reviews and are never paid for. About 72% of U.S. consumers have written a review for a local business. Business review sites are an essential part of the customer buying journey today. Purchasers make snap decisions about a firm simply by reading business reviews — without ever calling your company, setting foot in your store or visiting your website. Unlimited digital access to our unbiased and independent ratings and reviews for products and services.

Management changes constantly, Very dirty place to work, no ventilation, A lot of good people work there but treated badly. I worked with alot of good hard working although very frustrated people. They really did me wrong at this workplace, i was one month away from one year and i had just found out i am having a child and they terminated my job truly for no real reason. I would never ever recommond any one to work here, horrible place. Having a short bio on hand can be beneficial to use to introduce yourself to potential clients, contacts or employers. It can help you make a good impression and has the potential to… Check out the U.S. cities with affordable housing prices and loads of open jobs.

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Fewer than half of the company’s employees reviewing the company approve of CEO Dan Stone, and just 37% would recommend a job at the company to a friend. For reference, the average CEO on Glassdoor has a 69% approval rating. Employees of retail inventory services company RGIS largely do not have high expectations for the company’s future. Just 28% of those who evaluated the company said it has a positive business outlook. RGIS employees have issues with many aspects of the business, but they are least satisfied with the compensation and benefits.

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Don’t just take what you read at face value—if you’re concerned about something, do additional research to get the facts. Do the reviews complain about layoffs, cuts in PTO, or recent changes in management?

Striking workers formed Consumers Union, now known as Consumer Reports. CR was created as an independent, nonprofit organization, using testing, reporting, and advocacy to counter marketplace misinformation and advance consumer protections. Get one-on-one, trusted advice straight from a CR specialist. Knowing about all these websites are great for own business. I was using only Glassdoor, Google review and Indeed websites, but after go through this post I have other top sites. CareerBliss has some of the most complete salary data including salary by position and in-depth salary comparisons to the national average and geographical averages.